Thursday, December 19, 2013

BLESSINGS Personalized Book Review from Flattenme #Sponsored

Disclosure: I received one or more items at no cost to me to facilitate in this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

In 2010, my eldest granddaughter Natalee was born. At the time, I was in my late thirties and my youngest son, Natalee's father, had only just graduated high school the year before. I didn't feel ready to fill the role of grandmother yet. Through faith and prayer however, I came to accept my new role and from the moment I held my precious newborn granddaughter in my arms, all the worries and doubts I had just slipped away. She is a blessing and I am reminded of that every time I see her.

Now that Natalee is almost four years old, it's important to us that she knows what blessings are so she can learn to recognize and appreciate them as she grows up. The issue, however, is that many children her age often have a difficult time understanding what a 'blessing' is.

One way to help convey the meaning to kids is through conversation and books. Fortunately, Flattenme, an award-winning online retailer, recently introduced a new and beautifully illustrated children's book to their line of personalized books and gifts titled "Blessings" which I had the good fortune to review with my granddaughter.

The hardcover 'Blessings' book I received from flattenme arrived within a week of placing my order tightly wrapped in clear cellophane for added protection (no scratches on our hardcover book:). The first thing I noticed was the colorful artwork was on the cover (beautifully done!) and the title personalized with my granddaughter's name. As I flipped through the pages of the 'Blessings' book, I noticed how vibrant and colorful the illustrations were. The artwork was very detailed and I have to say my granddaughter and I were pretty impressed. My granddaughter became totally transfixed on the illustrations featuring magical lands, lush forests, and under-the-sea adventures with monkey's, dragons, and more and loved pointing out and naming the animals and creatures she saw.

I also thought the author did a wonderful job of conveying the meaning of blessings to young children. The rhymes were short, sweet, and thought provoking and each were personalized with my granddaughter's name. Natalee's face lit up when she heard her name mentioned in each rhyme which made me smile too.

Overall, I found "Blessings" to be eloquently written and worded in a manner a young child can understand. Natalee really enjoyed looking at the illustrations and we were also able to have a meaningful discussion about blessings while I was reading to her and afterwards. I realize it will probably take a while before Natalee fully understands what blessings are but in the meantime, I'm happy to have the "Blessings for Natalee' book around for a reference. One thing is for sure, this personalized book from flattenme will be a cherished keepsake in my household for many years to come.

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The new "Blessings" personalized book is available for purchase from and available in both paperback and hardcover with a recommended reading age of six and under.

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