Monday, July 29, 2013

Rainbows & Stormy Skies

This evening around seven pm, I was out about town and noticed that the temperature had cooled down and the sky was looking unusually dark and stormy.  Normally around this time in the pm where I live, the sun is still shining brightly and it's well over 90 degrees in the shade. 

I suppose I should have checked the weather forecast before I went out. If I had, I might have known they predicted a chance of thunderstorms.

Anyhoo, below are a few photos I took (very quickly I might add:) of a rainbow forming in the sky.

While I was snapping pictures of the unusually dark sky, I noticed this rainbow starting to form to the right of me.  It took me a second to notice but there is a shadow of a second rainbow forming just above the more pronounced rainbow below.

A double rainbow. How cool is that!

About 10 or so minutes later the entire rainbow made an appearance in the stormy sky above me.  I was hoping for better pics but unfortunately, my phone camera doesn't have a zoom or wide angle option (or at least one I know about) so I wasn't able to get as good a picture as I would have liked.

Don't ya just love Rainbows :)

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  1. Great shots! I love catching photos of rainbows!
    (Tammy Dalley)


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