Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Memories Make Me Sad

Today I've been pining for my adorable 3 year old granddaughter (sniff!). Hard to believe she's already three and a half! My oh my how time flies! I was fortunate enough to spend the better part of a month with her this past March which made me realize how badly I miss her when were apart. This little girl has my heart. This past year being away from her has made me realize that all I want to do is move closer to her so we can spend more quality time together. Seeing her every four or five months for a few precious days at a time just isn't working for me. The more I look at pictures like this, the more I'm reminded of how quickly she's growing up. I would hate to miss out on those precious moments and important milestones in her life because of the distance between us.

Maybe it's time I start making moving plans for the near future.

Gramma loves you <<<<>>>>Natty Bug! 

See ya soon :)

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