Monday, September 17, 2012

Uveitis Flare Up....Again!

Well, it seems my Uveitis eye disorder is acting up again. Instead of flaring up in both eyes, this time the vision in my left eye has gone blurry and I've been getting constant headaches, nausea, eye watering and pain for the past few days. As usual, the symptoms came on quickly and the discomfort is increasing daily.

Now I will have to take that much dreaded trip into the city where I will spend the better part of a day waiting in a boring, drab waiting room to see a Uveitis specialist along with a few other eye doctors who will proceed to x-ray, poke, and prod my eyes with all sorts of fun little gadgets and devices.

To top it off, I'm fairly certain my doctor is going to give me a steroid injection directly into my eye. At this point, the eye pain and symptoms are bearable but from prior experience I know that the things will get worse and I will eventually welcome that horrid steroid shot with open arms.

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